• Types of system include;

    Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

    Conventional fire alarm systems are the entry level for most fire system requirements. These alarms are suitable for small offices, nurseries, small hotels, warehouses, shops and any small business.

    Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

    location of the fire. Addressable fire alarm systems are ideal for larger premises such as hotels, office blocks and large factories.

    Wireless/Radio Fire Alarm Systems

    Radio fire alarms (also known as wireless fire alarms) are the same as a standard analogue addressable fire alarm system but with the advantage of no wires to interlink the detection and sounders. Wireless fire alarms are ideal for existing or multiple buildings such as historic buildings, schools, colleges or science parks.

    Aspirating / VESDA Pipe Detection Systems

    An aspirating smoke detector (ASD), consists of a central detection unit which draws air through a network of pipes to detect smoke. Aspirating smoke detectors are highly sensitive, and can detect smoke before it is even visible to the human eye. Aspirating Systems are ideal for voids, lift shafts, dusty areas, warehouses etc.

    Reflective Beam Detection System

    Optical beam smoke detection is a very cost effective method of protecting large areas, especially using reflective technology that only requires wiring to one end.

    Voice Evacuation Systems

    Voice Evacuation systems can utilise pre-recorded emergency Voice messages, warning that an emergency has been reported and to evacuate the building (often also mentioning not to use lifts), and can also be used by personnel and firefighters to give specific information and/or instructions over the alarm system. Usually they are either tied into the building’s public address system or are outfitted with their own speakers.

    Remote Monitoring

    The monitoring of fire signals and subsequent transmission to the relevant fire brigade authorities to ensure automatic fire brigade response can be carried out by our 24-hour monitoring and alarm-receiving centre.