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We required a new intruder alarm system to replace the existing obsolete one. Contacted Tony Leck of Complete Security Systems and he promised to get a quote over the same day and he did exactly that with a smart home security price which we were very happy with. CSS LTD gave a installation date and installed it as per the date. The system has a smart App and completely wireless system which we are really happy with and glad we switched to CSS LTD, well done lads keep up the great work and service.

Ian Bradley, Riverside, Darlington

Smart Home Systems

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Our existing intruder system needed a new service provider due to the existing maintenance contract was ending. We contacted CSS LTD which responded same day with a new intruder alarm and monitoring package price with Police Response. CSS LTD took over the system with a new monitoring system and we are very happy with their service and speed they completed the takeover without any loss of cover. Highly recommend this company.

Raj ,Go Local Bishop Auckland

Fire Risk Assessment

CSS Ltd offer fire risk assessments to PAS79 and in compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Our assessors will explain the requirements of the legislation in an informative but simple to understand format. For more information go to our CONTACT page, fill in your details and tick the Fire Risk Assessment box.

Gates & Barriers

Starting from simple gate automation, thanks to the extreme flexibility, integration and adaptability of the devices, CSS LTD manages to achieve an advanced, automation concept, able to coordinate all that can be automated inside and outside the home in the office and in every urban-collective environment. All moving devices are designed to improve and facilitate daily activities. Simplification, expression of convenience and freedom of movement free of all obstacles, these are the solutions we provide. Focusing special attention on the elderly and impaired.

Automation providing a broad range of integrated, hi-tech solutions for private homes, public venues and urban spaces.



CSS LTD design, install, commission and maintain CCTV systems ranging from simple one-camera and monitor observation systems, through to multiple CCTV camera systems complete with multiple fully functional PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras. Recording can be via digital recording facilities, IP (Internet Protocol) Based Network Recorder or Server Systems and/or off site Control and Monitoring CCTV Systems.

This means that whether your installing a new system, or upgrading your existing one, we can advise you on the most robust and cost-effective methods of observation and recording including easy integration of existing analogue CCTV cameras in to an IP CCTV or Hybrid surveillance system.

Our team of Accredited Engineers are trained to implement and configure both Analogue, IP CCTV and HD Hybrid systems from market leaders such as Indigo Vision, Samsung Hanwha and Hik-Vision.

Fire Extinguishers

CSS ltd provide FIA (UK Fire Association) trained Fire Extinguisher Servicing & Maintenance for portable fire extinguishers to ensure your Fire Extinguishers are ready when you need them. All of our fire extinguisher engineers have passed the Fire Industry Association’s (FIA) Service & maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers exams. This means they are competent and qualified to service all types of portable extinguishers.

Intruder Alarms

CSS LTD Intruder Alarm Systems can be monitored 24 hours a day to our Alarm Receiving Station. On receipt of a signal, your keyholder would be informed immediately, with Local Police and designated keyholder response if so required.

As an SSAIB Company for Intruder Alarms, CCTV Systems and Access Control Systems. We are listed by Durham, Northumbria, Cleveland and North Yorkshire Police.

SSAIB approval is a highly respected and trusted hallmark in the security and fire sectors, demonstrating technical expertise and a reassuring quality of service; and our accreditation proves our Company is;

Competent & Experienced – working to relevant standards and SSAIB codes of practice, with managers having relevant technical and engineering experience.

Trusted & Reputable – directors have the relevant business experience and all staff with access to sensitive information are security screened to highest standards.

Business Intruder Alarm Systems Monitored

Installation costs from £150 plus on-going maintenance and monitoring fully inclusive support from £26.99 per , minimum 18 month rolling contract.

Or we offer leased/finance deals for the term of the contract and the equipment belongs to the customer once the contract ends.

Our finance service is through our partner Complete Leasing Ltd and Managed by Robert Oates who can be contacted by email to get a quote.

Remote Monitoring Services 24/7/365 Nationwide

Remote Monitoring Services 24/7/365 Nationwide

CSS Ltd have employed the monitoring service of Advanced Independent Monitoring since our company formation and offer the best monitoring solutions today and technology.

In today’s demanding business environment, insurance companies and police forces are recommending that installed alarms should be monitored. CSS Ltd uses Aim’s state of the art Alarm Receiving Centres provide a 24-hour alarm monitoring service, giving you total peace of mind.

Remote CCTV Monitoring: 24/7/365 Nationwide

Aim’s dedicated Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) responds to detector activated CCTV system alerts when your premises are left unoccupied. Alarm-triggered images are relayed from the secure premises to our monitoring centre, where the data is analysed to determine the best course of action to be taken by our operators.

Fire VRT and Schedule Testing

Using this service your customers can place their fire alarm on test at their own convenience simply by calling our FREEPHONE number and following the easy prompts. Alternatively if your customer regularly tests their fire alarm at the same tile each week then Schedule testing is the best solution.

Access Control

Access Control & Intercoms

At Complete Security Systems we ensure that we use new technology within the Fire Industry in order to ensure that our customers are always kept up to date with new developments that will benefit them and ensure a safe and secure workplace or home.

Access control systems provide homes and businesses with an effective deterrent against criminals walking into offices, driving into buildings or vandalising property in car parks, while still allowing and controlling authorised visitors and employees to circulate freely.

Access control comes in many forms, from audio intercoms to video entry systems, proximity card or keypad wall readers, biometric fingerprint systems to wire-free technology.

Access control can offer you more functionality by integrating with other systems such as CCTV, Intruder and Fire Alarms for a complete solution.

Whatever your requirements, Complete Security Systems can advise you on the right access technology for your needs and create a bespoke solution to enable you to prevent unauthorised access to your home, company assets, business-sensitive data and employees’ personal possessions.

The Access Control System we design reflects the individual nature of the home or business it protects, and all are fully designed, installed, maintained and serviced to SSAIB Code’s of Practice and British Standards.

Fire Alarms

Types of system include;

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional fire alarm systems are the entry level for most fire system requirements. These alarms are suitable for small offices, nurseries, small hotels, warehouses, shops and any small business.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

location of the fire. Addressable fire alarm systems are ideal for larger premises such as hotels, office blocks and large factories.

Wireless/Radio Fire Alarm Systems

Radio fire alarms (also known as wireless fire alarms) are the same as a standard analogue addressable fire alarm system but with the advantage of no wires to interlink the detection and sounders. Wireless fire alarms are ideal for existing or multiple buildings such as historic buildings, schools, colleges or science parks.

Aspirating / VESDA Pipe Detection Systems

An aspirating smoke detector (ASD), consists of a central detection unit which draws air through a network of pipes to detect smoke. Aspirating smoke detectors are highly sensitive, and can detect smoke before it is even visible to the human eye. Aspirating Systems are ideal for voids, lift shafts, dusty areas, warehouses etc.

Reflective Beam Detection System

Optical beam smoke detection is a very cost effective method of protecting large areas, especially using reflective technology that only requires wiring to one end.

Voice Evacuation Systems

Voice Evacuation systems can utilise pre-recorded emergency Voice messages, warning that an emergency has been reported and to evacuate the building (often also mentioning not to use lifts), and can also be used by personnel and firefighters to give specific information and/or instructions over the alarm system. Usually they are either tied into the building’s public address system or are outfitted with their own speakers.

Remote Monitoring

The monitoring of fire signals and subsequent transmission to the relevant fire brigade authorities to ensure automatic fire brigade response can be carried out by our 24-hour monitoring and alarm-receiving centre.